Month: September 2023

Why Investors Must Be Venture Builders by Heart

Introduction At the moment a person drops some money into a startup as a form of investment either at pre-seed, seed or series A, he becomes a partner to that organisation in building and creating change. Just like every beneficial partnership, the partnership agreement will include details of the capital…
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Did you know…?

Have you thought about the factors that contributed to the Fintech boom in Nigeria? Understanding these factors is important in learning and understanding the pace of innovation in Africa. Below are the factors that contributed to the origin and subsequent boom of fintech in Nigeria. What factor do you think…
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Investing in Africa’s Limitless Future

Amidst Africa’s startup ecosystem’s vibrant diversity and untapped potential, a new era of innovation is unfolding. Entrepreneurs across the continent are defying conventions, harnessing local insights, and leveraging technology to solve challenges with transformative solutions. As we invest in these visionary pioneers, we’re not just betting on startups – we’re…
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Picture this..

“Picture this: Africa, a continent alive with promise, where innovation meets culture and untapped potential fuels dreams. Investing here isn’t just about financial gain – it’s about joining a vibrant journey, backing resilient entrepreneurs, and making your mark on a global stage. #InvestInAfrica” #innovation #investment #growth
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An Insight into the Kenyan Startup Ecosystem

Introduction Kenya, which is ranked 62 globally and 1 for startups in Eastern Africa, is a regional innovator leader. The nation of East Africa is the ideal location for businesses in the fields of energy and the environment, food technology, and transportation. Kenya is the top location for future Japanese…
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The Future of Entrepreneurship in Africa

Can everyone be entrepreneurs? Should everyone be entrepreneurs? Can everyone be entrepreneurs in Africa? Why do we need more entrepreneurs in Africa? By 2050, 25% of the world’s population growth will be in Africa.  At present, six out of the world’s top ten rapidly expanding economies are situated within the…
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