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About us

Nubia Capital: Investing in Africa for a Better Future

At Nubia Capital, we invest in phenomenal African businesses, driven by a commitment to creating a positive impact on the continent’s future.


As a people-focused investment firm, our mission is to conscientiously support exceptional individuals in building and growing remarkable enterprises. We firmly believe that conscientious investing is pivotal for a better future – fostering a healthier planet, advancing a smarter economy, cultivating diverse and happier communities, and paving a broader path to prosperity.


With decades of investing experience, we excel in forging collaborations across government and are dedicated to driving positive change through strategic investments in Africa.

We guide you through every step

Strategic Investment Partnerships

At Nubia Capital, we forge strategic investment partnerships with exceptional entrepreneurs and businesses across Africa. Leveraging tailored investment solutions, strategic guidance, and access to our extensive network, we empower partners to accelerate growth, broaden market reach, and realize their long-term objectives.

Business Incubation and Acceleration

Our business incubation and acceleration program provides early-stage ventures with the support, resources, and mentorship needed to thrive. From ideation to market launch, we offer hands-on assistance, access to capital, and industry expertise to help entrepreneurs navigate challenges, refine their business models, and scale their ventures rapidly.

Impact Investing Initiatives

Nubia Capital is dedicated to fostering positive social and environmental change through our impact investing initiatives. We prioritize investments in sustainable businesses that tackle critical societal challenges, including healthcare, education, and clean energy. Our goal is to generate lasting value for both investors and communities across Africa by driving meaningful impact through strategic and socially responsible investments.

We’re ready to share our advice and experience.

Our philosophy is rooted in fostering entrepreneurship, driving positive change, and creating sustainable growth in Africa through conscientious investing and empowering exceptional individuals.

Why Choose us? Our Process Our philosophy

Our process is tailored to provide meticulous analysis, strategic planning, seamless execution, and continuous support, ensuring your venture's success every step of the way.

What started as a single product lease finance company back in 1985 with 5 staff members, 33 years down the line, emerged as the largest multi-product multi-segment Non-Banking Financial Institution in the country.

As one of the most respected financial brands the industry, Finance Limited holds a strong and diversified footing in Corporate

Today, We marks its presence over 20 cities, represented by 40 branches and booths with over 1400 employees, serving over 45,000 clients.

However, it would be constricting to say that we are merely in the financing business, as we try to do something more. We strive to help people achieve their dreams - the dream of owning a home

Our work flow

Our workflow is characterized by meticulous planning, agile execution, continuous evaluation, and seamless adaptation, ensuring efficient progress and optimal outcomes for every project.

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At Nubia Capital, our dedicated team harnesses the power of our global network to assemble experts committed to empowering African entrepreneurs.

Specializing in investments and stakeholder relationships, our exceptional team provides tailored coaching to guide entrepreneurs, helping them overcome challenges and unlock their full potential.

Together, we drive sustainable growth, contributing to a brighter future for Africa.


Olaide Lawal

Managing Partner

Davidson Oturu

Co-Managing Partner
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Nela Duke Ekpenyong

Member - Investment Committee
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At Nubia Capital, we always strive to deliver compelling risk-adjusted returns for our institutional clients while managing risks and conducting our business with high standards of integrity.

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