Month: May 2023


Tracking the right metrics is crucial for startups, as it helps them evaluate their performance and attractiveness to investors. In this free e-book, Our Managing Partner, Davidson Oturu, selects 20 important metrics that venture capitalists (VCs) and investors often consider when analyzing startups, along with brief explanations on what they…
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Startup conversations: building a business model

Introduction:  Launching a startup is an exhilarating endeavour, but it requires careful planning and a well-defined business model to increase the chances of success. A business model serves as the foundation upon which your startup’s operations, revenue streams, and growth strategies are built. As an early-stage founder and entrepreneur, this…
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How to create something people want

Introduction Wants are relative and you will find that in a world of 7.8 billion people, wants are highly dependent on an individual’s social status, economic background, exposure, education, temperament, tastes, time and place.  This further posits that an individual can want totally opposite things at each time of his…
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Is Venture Capital Really Broken?

Introduction  In 2022, 600+ startups were funded in Africa resulting in  US$3,333,071,000 raised in various sectors, in different economies across the African startup ecosystem. Of this funding, about 319 were deals that occurred from the venture capital space. However, from that moment till now, we have all come across different…
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Marketing in the African Startup Ecosystem

Introduction  In the African startup ecosystem, the common ways startups market themselves are through content writing and advertisements. However, none of these will be effective when the foundation is not understood. In the world of marketing, the most effective way to get a product, service or experience out into the…
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At Nubia Capital, we always strive to deliver compelling risk-adjusted returns for our institutional clients while managing risks and conducting our business with high standards of integrity.

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