About us

About us

Empowering Dreams, Driving Growth

Nubia Capital is a people-driven investment firm, deeply committed to investing in tech-enabled startups across the African Continent. Our conscientious investments aim to support exceptional individuals in creating and cultivating remarkable businesses.

Focused on key thematic areas like fintech, edtech, healthech, cleantech, and agritech, we believe that conscientious investing is pivotal for a better future. This commitment extends to fostering a healthier planet, advancing a smarter economy, cultivating diverse and happier communities, and paving a broader path to prosperity.

Join Nubia Capital on this journey to empower dreams and drive sustainable growth, contributing to a brighter tomorrow


At Nubia Capital, we define success by uniting the best talents with exceptional opportunities, employing the highest standards and practices.

Central to our approach are Founders who share our values and a passion for constructing enduring, purpose-driven companies. We collaborate closely, offering unwavering support and capital to accelerate their growth in the next chapter of their journey. The Nubia Way is about achieving excellence in every aspect of our work.


In its pursuit of fostering innovation and driving economic transformation, Nubia Capital is not only committed to diversifying across key sectors and focusing on SaaS solutions but also integrating a gender lens strategy into its investment approach. This strategic goal underscores Nubia Capital’s dedication to promoting diversity, equity, and inclusion within the entrepreneurial ecosystem.

As Nubia Capital invests across the tech ecosystem, the gender lens strategy is woven into each sector. The firm actively seeks opportunities where startups, led or co-led by women, are pioneering innovative solutions. By consciously supporting diverse leadership in traditionally male-dominated sectors, Nubia Capital aims to break down barriers, encourage representation, and foster an environment where diverse perspectives drive innovation.

Within the focus on SaaS solutions, Nubia Capital places special emphasis on identifying and supporting women-led startups. This approach aligns with the understanding that diversity in leadership enhances creativity, problem-solving, and overall business performance.

By actively seeking and championing women entrepreneurs in the SaaS space, Nubia Capital aims to contribute to narrowing gender disparities within the tech industry while nurturing groundbreaking innovations.

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Explore our diverse range of services crafted to meet your unique needs and aspirations, and let’s embark on a journey of transformation together.

we offer a comprehensive suite of tailored solutions designed to empower entrepreneurs, drive impactful investments, and foster sustainable growth across Africa.

At Nubia Capital, we operate with strategic precision, proactive decision-making, and collaborative execution to deliver sustainable results in the dynamic African markets.

How we work…

Seed capital support

Initial-stage recapitalization

Funding at inception

Startups' initial financing

Early-stage investment

Inceptive funding assistance

Our Core Values

Consistency of Character

We have good motives, we keep our word and we choose the right path – even when it’s difficult.

Continuous improvement

We always work in a continuum of learning and implementation. Knowing that things can always be better.


We treat every resource in our care like it is truly ours.

Get it done

We know that time is the most valuable resource on the planet, so we strive to always be at the right place at the right time doing the right things.


We combine perseverance, tenacity, and passion in our quest to fulfil our mission.

Perks Of Working With Us

Patient Capital

We know that building a great company takes time and we work patiently with businesses to unlock value over time.

Lead Investors

We play an active role in closing and governance whenever we are co-investing with likeminded investors.

World-class talent

Our team consist of exceptional talent that are ready to support you from the very first day and onward.

High certainty of closing

Once we decide that a deal fits well with us, we move with speed and certainty toward a close.

Prompt Feedback

We are committed to being outstanding partners to our intermediaries and we strive to deliver feedback on new deals within 24 hours.

Competitive Buy-side fee

We offer an attractive buy-side fee and are excited to hear about opportunities that may be a great fit for Nubia.


At Nubia Capital, we always strive to deliver compelling risk-adjusted returns for our institutional clients while managing risks and conducting our business with high standards of integrity.

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